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Grasie Souza

Grasie Souza’s boundless energy, big heart and dedication to helping people lead healthy, pain free lives are what drive her vision to be a healer through the mode of Pilates. In addition to her love for physical activity, she pursued post-secondary education in Classical Pilates Vocational Training License. She obtained a Diploma in Business and also studied International Affairs at university. At the age of 27, Grasie Souza suffered pelvic issues from child birth and was bed ridden for over two months. After countless physiotherapy sessions, her doctor suggested she try Pilates as one final option before having to resort to surgery as a means to resolve her health issues. The Pilates worked! Grasie Souza completely healed from her health issues and “returned to life”. This experience fueled her desire to learn Pilates so she can share it with others. She has been taught and coached by the Master Classical Pilates Bonny-Lynn Russell, who has been trained by lineage of Mr.Joseph Pilates himself. Grasie Souza is certified with over 850 hours of training.

Pilates Carioca

Why Pilates Carioca Wellness and Training Carioca is the name given to people that are born in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. It’s who we are! The waves are the pathway from the most famous Rio de Janeiro beach that is called Copacabana beach. The logo’s color brings the idea of ocean with health from the Physio prospective. You can find the Sugar Place Mountains in the logo and between the mountains you see Canada’s flag that is the country that controls our heart. It brings equilibrium and balance for our journey. We don’t forget about where we came from but we are very thankful for where we are now.

Core Values

Integrity and authenticity in the quality of our services Commitment to our client expectations Constantly learning and increasing knowledge Gratitude for our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a source of Classical Pilates to elevate the quality of life for those that look forward to be free off chronic pain, injuries or desire improved physical mobility.

Our Mission

We believe we can heal injuries, develop a strong body, rejuvenate people’s lives, and build a happier society.


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